Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First study to link statins with fatigue

A study to be published in the August issue of Archives of Internal Medicine is the first to "affirm unfavorable statin effects on energy and exertional fatigue. Effects were seen in a generally healthy sample given modest statin doses, and both simvastatin and pravastatin contributed to the significant adverse effect of statins on energy and fatigue with exertion. Particularly for women, these unfavorable effects were not uncommon. Findings support case reports citing adverse effects to these outcomes and are buttressed by literature rationale. These findings are important, given the central relevance of energy and functional status to well-being. These effects, germane to quality of life, merit consideration when prescribing or contemplating use of statins, particularly in groups without expected net morbidity/mortality benefit, extending to “high-risk” primary prevention and women and elderly persons (including those with coronary artery disease). Thus, long-term trials are important, especially if statin use is to be recommended in younger individuals. Meanwhile, physicians should be alert to patients' reports of exertional fatigue or diminished energy during statin use."

Bonnie: if we look at this study, it is not surprising that the FDA levied warnings on statins for memory loss and blood sugar spikes. All the symptoms are connected.

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