Friday, June 01, 2012

Dark chocolate shines once again

A British Medical Journal study looked at the long term effectiveness and cost effectiveness of daily dark chocolate consumption in a population with metabolic syndrome at high risk of cardiovascular disease. 2013 people with hypertension who met the criteria for metabolic syndrome, with no history of cardiovascular disease and not receiving antihypertensive therapy. Daily consumption of dark chocolate (polyphenol content equivalent to 100 g of dark chocolate) can reduce cardiovascular events by 85 per 10,000 population treated over 10 years. Only $42 could b e cost effectively spent per person per year on prevention strategies using dark chocolate. These results assume 100% compliance and represent a best case scenario.

Steve: these are numbers Big Pharma could only dream about. $42 per year?! Sure makes other cardiac meds look like chumps.

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