Friday, June 29, 2012

Dairy consumption does not induce weight loss

A growing body of research suggests that regular consumption of dairy foods may counteract obesity and other components of the metabolic syndrome. Researchers in the June issue of Nutrition and Metabolism aimed to determine the effects of increasing the consumption of reduced fat dairy foods in adults with habitually low dairy intakes. An intervention trial was undertaken in overweight or obese adults who were randomly assigned to a high dairy diet (HD, 4 serves of reduced fat dairy/day) or a low dairy control diet (LD, less than 1 serve/day) for 6 months then crossed over to the alternate diet for a further 6 months. Total energy intake was higher during the HD phase, resulting in slight weight gain during this period. No weight loss was found. Bonnie: Hopefully, this study will help to dispel the Dairy Council's propaganda campaign to promote dairy consumption for weight loss.

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