Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dr. Schuster on concussions

An article in Dynamic Chiropractic revealed that Dr. Robert Cantu, one of the top experts in the field of concussion in sports, was invited to speak at the 6th Annual Educational Symposium for the Professional Football Chiropractic Society. More than 130 chiropractors, chiropractic students and representatives from the NFL were in attendance. 

Dr. Cantu, a neurosurgeon and consultant to the National Football League’s Head, Neck and Spine Committee, presented current research along with standard practices for the diagnosis and management of mild traumatic brain injuries. Dr. Cantu also addressed the benefits of chiropractic to help relieve the secondary complaints from a concussion that affects the nerves in the neck. These symptoms include: headaches, burning facial pain, reddening of the face and other sympathetic nerve reactions. 

Dr. Doug Miller, team chiropractor for the Baltimore Ravens, commented, “Dr. Cantu’s lecture brings to the forefront the importance of proper technique, evaluation, and management of concussions. We now have evidence that this type of injury can have long-lasting impairment and it is vital that concussed athletes of all ages have proper time for recovery.” 

In case you did not know, almost every NFL team has a chiropractor in their sports medicine unit. So do most of the other professional sports teams. The doctor’s main focus is to keep the athletes safe and to help them get better faster when there is any kind of injury. Professional sports are taking lots of precaution since there is so much information coming out about the effects of concussions. A big concern; however, is that the children who play sports are not receiving the kind of help they need. There are volunteer health professionals, including sports chiropractors at some children’s sporting events yet not to the extent one sees with the professional teams.

 Perhaps more parents will follow in the footsteps of the NFL and add a chiropractor as part of their child’s health care team, allowing for proper recovery after injuries. I know first hand of the benefits of chiropractic since many parents bring their children in for an adjustment due to sport related incidences.

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Dr. Liselotte Schuster
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