Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don't show this study to Big Pharma

A study from Preventive Medicine determined the effect of Mauritian black tea consumption on fasting blood plasma levels of glucose, lipid profiles and antioxidant status in a normal population. The study group (71%) consumed 3 x 200 ml of black tea infusate/day for 12 weeks without additives followed by a 3 week wash-out. The control group (29%) consumed equivalent volume of hot water for same intervention period.

The tea induced, in a normal population, a highly significant decrease of fasting serum glucose (18.4%;) and triglyceride levels (35.8%), a significant decrease in LDL/HDL plasma cholesterol ratio (16.6%) and a non significant increase in HDL plasma cholesterol levels (20.3%), while a highly significant rise in plasma antioxidant propensity (FRAP: 418%) was noted.

Black tea consumed within a normal diet contributes to a decrease of independent cardiovascular risk factors and improves the overall antioxidant status in humans.

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