Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Considering IVF? Consider the risks.

Children conceived with the aid of fertility treatments are more likely to be born with serious physical defects, according a study from The New England Journal of Medicine. Conception using treatments like ovulation induction, in-vitro fertilization or the injection of sperm directly into an egg, resulted in serious defects in 8.3 percent of cases studied. The corresponding ratio in spontaneous conceptions was 5.8 percent -- a "very" significant difference, according to the lead researcher.

"Something that is not often talked about in the clinic, I suspect, is the risk of having an abnormal baby. And so this emphasizes this is something that must be talked about between patients and clinicians. They must discuss the risk for this when choosing the treatment," the lead researcher was quoted saying.

The research only focused on serious defects, "things that either require treatment or if there is no treatment they are going to be considered handicapping", like a heart condition or cerebral palsy.


geri said...

I would like to know how many are born healthy compared to how many are born with birth defects. Theres a chance with any type of birth. Probably alot more healthy then not healthy. Its a great thing to have if as an option to women who have no other options. My daughter is 5 and was a frozen embryo for 5 years. Thanks to god and science said...

Hi Geri.

The point was that higher risks to the baby, as well as the mother, are not taken as seriously as they should be when considering IVF. There are other risks, in addition to birth defects, that are higher for the child and mother than with natural birth. Full disclosure is all the study's scientists are asking for. In no way are they questioning the importance of IVF.