Thursday, February 10, 2011

Slimming supplements ineffective

Slimming supplements are an ineffective weight loss method, according to a review in Nutrition Bulletin. The review states that there is insufficient evidence backing the efficacy of weight loss supplements, and the therefore should not be recommended by health professionals to the overweight and obese. She concluded lifestyle and dietary were more likely to yield positive results. The author went on to mention that health professionals need to be aware of the potential safety concerns associated with their use and also advise individuals that most supplements are costly and may result in frustration and disappointment when expectations are not successfully met in the long-term.

Some supplements referenced in the study included L-carnitine, guarana seed powder, bean extract, konjac extract, polyglucosamine, cabbage powder, fiber pills, sodium alginate formulations and selected plant extracts.

Bonnie - as with prescription diet medication, I concur with the overall results of this study on slimming supplements. Many of these products can be dangerous and contradict with other supplements and medications. I am also appalled by the way they are marketed. That said, there is a very short list of extremely safe supplements that I use to speed up the weight loss process in certain individuals. However, I use them sparingly and always as an adjunct to complete, individualized diet and lifestyle changes.

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