Friday, February 25, 2011

Bonnie on new hot flash study

According to a long-running government study, women who had hot flashes at the start of menopause to have a lower risk for heart attack and death than women who never had hot flashes, or those whose symptoms persisted long after menopause began. By contrast, among the few women who developed hot flashes late — in some cases many years after menopause began — there were more heart attacks and deaths when compared with the other groups. The journal Menopause study involved more than 60,000 women followed for an average of almost 10 years.

The results suggest "there may be a positive side" to having these annoying symptoms, the lead researcher said.

Bonnie - nature has very good reasons for change-of-life stages. Hot flashes, which signify menopause for females, can be extremely uncomfortable, especially for those who make poor lifestyle choices. Choosing pharmaceuticals to treat a change-of-life process in the form of synthetic hormones made from horse-urine proved to be fatal. What we know is that hot flashes can be managed without drugs by making ideal lifestyle choices. And when hot flashes get so insufferable that it affects daily living, there are substances from nature that will work harmoniously with our bodies to create a therapeutic effect without the fatal response.


suthecj said...

I have had severe hot flashes for several years after stopping estrogen pills. Have tried many OTC recommended products, but nothing has helped at all. My gyn told me recently that nothing helps relieve hot flashes except HRT. I have found this to be true. What kind of products do you recommend to help relieve hot flashes? Studies of black cohash have shown that this product is not safe to ingest. Appreciate a response. Thank you. said...

Unfortunately, we cannot give advice based on an individual's needs in this public forum. However, I can tell you that your comment about black cohosh is incorrect.