Monday, November 16, 2009

Is Swine Flu more deadly than seasonal flu?


CDC estimates the number of deaths caused by the swine flu since April is 4,000. Six months into a regular flu season, there are already 18,000 deaths. If what the CDC says is true. Why such hysteria?


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P.S. Why has there not been a public outcry about deaths related bacteria transmitted by ticks so far this year? To date, two kinds of tick-related bacteria have killed 1,230 Americans.

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victoria said...

As my wonderful doctor noted earlier this month in an email he "finally" had to send out addressing the swine flu....this vaccination is a billion dollar industry. The swine flu vaccine is making some people more money than any of us can imagine and people do funny things when that much money is involved...
so i dont think the tick bacteria, could generate that kind of money, hence, we don't hear about it.

The idea, that someone is giving live viruses to children, pregnant women...actually creating the epidemic right there(for almost everyone I know who has gotten the shot for swine flu has gotten very ill, pneumonia etc) and people are not seeing it, is interesting.
There was a day when leeches were placed on the bodies of sick people, for it was believed that they would suck the germs out as they sucked they're blood. We now know that this primitive technique did not work to heal people, quite the contrary....and we shake our heads and thank goodness we learned truly "real" methods for healing.

I believe the day will come when future generations look back at flu vaccinations in the same way...primitive and counter intuitive.