Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Alert for Corn Sensitive Individuals

Whole Foods now uses modified food starch in all of their prepared foods that contain mayonnaise. They use a product called JUST MAYO that contains modified food starch derived from corn. Anyone that has sensitivities to corn needs to avoid these products. Many of our clients have gotten ill after eating these.

As always, please note that if you see a product with modified food starch and it is gluten-free, it is derived from corn. Other modified food starch products can be derived from waxy maize, wheat, or potatoes. The FDA now does require that if the modified food starch is from wheat, it must be on the label.

And this is not the first time Whole Foods has ruined their prepared foods for large swaths of people. Much of their hot food contains yeast extract (hidden monosodium glutamate) and corn-derivatives such as dextrose.

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