Thursday, November 06, 2014

Iodine Facts From Breast Health Summit

This note is from our Chiropractor, Dr. Lisleotte Schuster after attending a recent Breast Health Summit.

"Hi Bonnie,

I enjoyed the Iodine speaker Lynne Farrow. Here is my synopsis of her talk: She wrote a book, "The Iodine Crisis", along with other articles, is a journalist and researcher. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer Lynne researched it for 2 years, which led to writing her book. Before diagnosed with breast cancer, she had fibrocystic breasts and found that inflammation of the breast is often caused by an iodine deficiency. A high percentage of woman who have unhealthy inflamed breast tissue, those with fibrocystic breasts, get cancer. Unfortunately doctors say having sore and lumpy breasts is common and have them use anti-inflammatory meds or supplements, yet the Iodine deficiency is often the cause of the inflammation.

For the past 40 years the incidence of cancer has increased as the level of Iodine decreased. In the 70's it was taken out of foods, and was replaced with Bromine, which is anti iodine. She goes into more detail in an article she wrote called "The Perfect Storm". Bromine is also in pesticides, fertilizers and all flame retardant materials found in furniture, clothes, computers, etc... Fluoride is in the same family as bromine yet the level of Bromine exposure is even greater than Fluoride, which has similar reactions like Bromine. The exposure to Bromine is so intense that the sea animals, seaweed and kelp are contaminated with Bromine.

Iodine normalizes the estrogen and progesterone receptors in the breast. The breast, thyroid and ovaries need lots more iodine in their cells then other tissues of the body and Iodine helps the architecture of the breast tissue. There is an Iodine Load Urine test or if one has fibrocystic breasts or other symptoms.

Because everyone is exposed to so much Bromine everyday she recommends taking it. The only contraindication is for the rare Autonomous Nodule in the Thyroid, which one would know they have. This nodule produces thyroid hormone so one can't take Iodine if they have this.

Hope this has been helpful.

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