Thursday, November 13, 2014

Group Says Fruit Juices, Smoothies Should Not Count as Veggies

Fruit juices and smoothies touted as healthy for children contain high amounts of sugar and should not count towards fruit and vegetable intakes, says UK-based campaign group Action on Sugar.

According to the findings of their survey, more than a quarter of products that are marketed as healthy for children (57 of the 203) contain the same amount or more sugars than Coca-Cola, while even more (59 of 203) contain ‘unnecessary’ added sugars. Indeed, over half (117) of the drinks surveyed would receive a ‘red’ (high) label for levels of sugars per standard 200ml equivalent serving, said Action on Sugar, noting that portion sizes vary greatly.

The campaign group warned that the use of five-a-day messages on fruit juices that are packed with sugars are unhealthy and backing for such statements should be withdrawn. A small (150ml) glass of unsweetened 100% fruit juice can count as one servingOnly six products are actually sold in 150ml portion size packaging.

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