Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gluten Intolerance is Very Real.

Highlighted in a piece from the Wall Street Journal today, a study from BMC Medicine details that gluten intolerance is very real, different from celiac disease, and is a clear and present danger to a large portion of the population.

We love this quote from the piece: "For the first time, we have scientific evidence that indeed, gluten sensitivity not only exists, but is very different from celiac disease," says lead author Alessio Fasano, medical director of the University of Maryland's Center for Celiac Research.

Really? This shows how behind the times most gluten researchers are.

The article also says Dr. Fasano hopes to eventually discover a biomarker specifically for gluten sensitivity.

Here's a news flash: there already is a biomarker. We are one of the very few wellness centers in the world to have tested for gluten intolerance (IgG) for over a 15 years, with incredible success.

Let this article and study serve as reaffirmation to all of our clients, readers, and members of the public at-large who have been told by family, friends, coworkers, and doctors that they are crazy for going gluten-free after testing negative for celiac.

You are not crazy. You are brave individuals who are in touch with the way you feel and have not allowed yourself to be swayed. Often times, the path less chosen is the more difficult one. But in the end, it usually is the right path. Stay the course!

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Bonnie and Steve

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