Saturday, January 01, 2011

Menu of Services

Client Perks
  • NCI Well Rewards Loyalty Program
  • Free weekly eNewsletter
  • 20% Monthly Product Discounts
  • Search/Research Tools -
    • Blog Search: search box at the top left of the main page of our blog
    • Website Search: google window at our eNewsletter archive page
Client Support
  • Email,
  • Live Support Chat at
  • Phone, 847-498-3422
Diagnostic Tests (not complete list)
  • Complete Routine Blood Acreening Through NICL Labs
  • Food Intolerance Testing Through Biotrition Labs
  • Hair Analysis Through Doctor’s Data Saliva Hormone Testing Through DiagnosTecs
Digital Content
  • Free weekly eNewsletter
  • NCI Well Connect weekly eNewsletter (Subscription-only)
  • Natural Foods Shopping List Monthly Update (included in Well Connect Subscription)
  • Action Plans (free with NCI Well Connect subscription or available for a fee a la carte)
  • Website,
  • Daily Blog,
  • Media Channel,
  • Online Children’s Book,
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • NCI Mobile,
In-Office Services
  • Nutritional Consultations
  • Food Planning
  • Chiropractic
  • Far Infrared Sauna Therapy
  • Dietary Supplement Pharmacy
Off-Site Services
  • Nutritional Consultations by Phone or Video Chat
  • Natural Food Shopping Tours
  • Pantry Makeovers
  • Corporate and Group Consulting
  • School Lunch Program Consulting
  • Dietary Supplements and select health food products from over 25 different manufacturers
  • Action Plans (our version of the “Cliffs Notes of Nutrition”)
  • NCI Well Connect weekly eNewsletter (subscription-only)
  • Gift Certificates
For more information, go to, please email or contact us 847-498-3422.

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