Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Improve insulin sensitivity with magnesium supplements

According to a double-blond, placebo-controlled study from Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism, magnesium supplements may improve sensitivity to insulin and help reduce the risk of diabetes in overweight people. Daily supplements of magnesium (365 mg. daily) for six months improved two out of three measures of insulin sensitivity, compared with placebo, while blood sugar levels, measured as fasting levels of glucose in the blood, improved by about 7 percent.

“The results of the current study provide significant evidence that magnesium supplementation ameliorates insulin resistance in obese, insulin resistant subjects,” report researchers. “The efficacy of magnesium supplementation – even in subjects with normal serum magnesium concentrations – addresses the question of a prophylactic administration for people at risk for metabolic syndrome,” they added.

In addition to the significantly improved insulin markers following magnesium supplementation, there was also a trend for an improvement in blood pressure in the mineral supplemented group.

Steve - the evidence keeps piling up!

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