Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Acidosis in adolescents

Diets rich in animal protein and cereal grains and deficient in vegetables and fruits may cause low-grade metabolic acidosis, which may impact exercise and health. Researchers in the March issue of European Journal of Clinical Nutrition hypothesized that a normal-protein diet with high amount of vegetables and fruits induces more alkaline acid–base balance compared with a high-protein, high-cereal grain diet with no vegetables and fruits and diet composition has a greater impact on acid–base balance. Hence, a high intake of vegetables and fruits increases blood and pH in young adolescents, who may be more sensitive to diet-induced acid–base changes.

Bonnie: It should come as no surprise that fruits and vegetables naturally alkalize. A diet rich and protein, high in fruit and veggies, and low gran carbs is the ideal balance.

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