Thursday, January 10, 2013

Miracle ball method and pregnancy

For a few years I have been recommending the Miracle Ball Method for patients to use at home in between adjustments. This method lengthens the spine and the muscles of the body, helping to reduce pain, enhance flexibility and improve posture. One can use the small, cushiony balls very simply by placing them on either side of the spine and laying on each area for a few minutes or one can go in depth and use this very gentle exercise method to create lots of change in their body. I use them regularly at night before sleeping to help realign my body from my days work. I love them and my patients tell me they love them too.

I found them at my local Barnes and Noble and noticed a few months back that the same company made a kit for Pregnant Women (the kit comes with a booklet and 2 balls). This kit is similar to the Miracle Ball Method but the booklet has more specific information for pregnant women. The booklet explains how the method can help with pregnancy related pain, reduce labor discomfort, improve post partum recovery and help with the discomforts associated with breastfeeding. I began recommending the kit to my pregnant women to use in between adjustments and moms have said their backs are staying looser in between visits. One mom said she could understand how they would be very helpful to use after her baby was born.

The woman who invented this method is Elaine Petrone and I think you will enjoy this 2-minute video of her explaining and demonstrating the Pregnancy balls. Here is Ms. Petrone’s video:

Dr. Liselotte Schuster
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