Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dr Schuster: The Human Body is Amazing!

The other day I was showing a patient a model of the human vertebrae including the disc and spinal cord. I explained how the spinal cord releases nerves, arteries, veins and lymph from each vertebra to the muscles, organs, bones and tissues. The structures from the spinal cord help with circulation, movement, immunity, communication with the brain and so many other functions that are extremely important to the body. 

When my patient saw the model and also heard my explanation the light went and she realized how amazing the human body truly is. She had only felt this way with regards to nature, the cosmos and anything else that inhabits our planet. She now realized that she could also be in awe of what makes everyone’s human body, including hers, so incredible.

Each of us has an intricate system within our body that works day and night without our telling it what to do. The better we feed it, rest it, appreciate it and take care of it, can help us live a higher quality of life.

Here are a couple of videos you may enjoy:

1.)This is a 41 second 3-D animation of how our thoughts and actions are reflected by the Nervous System. 

2.)This is a 2-minute 3-D animation of the entire spine and skeleton.

Dr. Liselotte Schuster
Family Practice for Pregnant Women, Babies, Kids, Teens and Adults.

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