Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Tribune piece on dietary supplement manufacturing: the process is working

The June 30th article in the Chicago Tribune about the manufacturing troubles with dietary supplements is an indication that the process of weeding out the bad players is working. Most of the negative stories the writer referenced were about companies that had no business manufacturing supplements in the first place (Kirkman Labs, while we have never recommended them, would be the exception). They were not in the business for improving the well-being of its customers. They were looking to make money on the cheapest product available.

The piece reinforces what we have been shouting to the mountaintops. You cannot just pick up something off the shelf and take it. If you choose not to utilize the kind of experience and individualized expertise we can provide, always do your due diligence.

The funny thing is that the most reputable, successful, and long-standing supplement manufacturers were cGMP compliant well before the FDA made it a requirement. The FDA is correct in assuming that there should be no excuses for these violations.

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